Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows, or better known as the Windows is familiy of a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft that use user interface with graphical (graphical user interface).

Windows operating system has evolved from the MS-DOS, an operating system-based text mode and command-line. The first version of Windows, Windows Graphic Environment 1.0 was first introduced on 10 November 1983, but the new exit the market in November 1985, made to meet the needs of the computer with the display image. Windows 1.0 is a software 16-bit addition (not an operating system) running on top of MS-DOS (and some variants of MS-DOS), so that he will not be able to run without the DOS operating system. 2.x, 3.x version also the same. Some of the latest version of Windows (starting from version 4.0 and Windows NT 3.1) is an independent operating system that no longer depend on the operating system MS-DOS. Microsoft Windows and can be developed and can use the operating system to reach 90%

Windows History

Starting from DosShell made for Microsoft DOS 6 and Microsoft compete against inginnya sales larisnya Apple Macintosh using the GUI, create a Microsoft Windows 1.0. This name comes from a Microsoft employee kelatahan the name of the application program as Windows (Window Program). Windows version 2 is the first version of Windows that you can install the program. The only program that can be added is a Microsoft Word version 1. Windows version 3 promises additional applications more, the use of completeness, beauty, or the user interface and easy configuration. Windows version 3.1 is a version of Windows that you can use mengoptimalisasi the processor 32-bit Intel 80386 and above. Windows version is 3:11 before the final version of Windows era Start Menu. 3:11 Windows is also the first version of Windows that supports networking / network. Hybrid version can be run without the MS-DOS. Hybrid versions are installed itself with DOS 7. Unlike Windows 16-bit version which is a shell that must be installed through DOS first. Application is different. Although Windows 9x Windows applications can run 16-bit, Windows 9x, but have their own grade applications - 32-x86, Windows 9x is very popular with the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death).

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