4 minutes hacking windows vista logon account

Finally, the long, five-year wait is over--Windows Vista is here. But you won't have to wait five years if you want to start hacking it; you can start right now. Check out these some tips for hacking Windows Vista.

Microsoft takes five years plus to develop Windows Vista, the so-called highly secured and renowned Windows operating system, with an overly redeveloped kernel.

But someone from China claimed that he takes only 3 minutes to hack or crack into Windows Vista logon account, or probably silently adding new Administrator account to Windows Vista without having to know the existing Administrator password.

This is steps to crack windows vista logon account password (in case of forgotten Vista Administrator password)

It’s really an interesting article to me, but I’m not able to prove it until some days next week. You may try it safely and be kind to tell me the truth.

Please take note that this handy tip (if it works) is intended to regain a forgotten Vista Administrator password. It is not intended to illegally hacking into a Vista system that’s not owning by users who refer this guide!
1. Boot up your windows vista with instalation DVD.
  1. While the Windows Vista installation interface pops up, click the Repair You Computer link at the bottom-left corner.
  2. Next, the System Recovery Options dialog box appears. There are few options that related to repairing Windows Vista, looks like Recovery Console in Windows XP:
    Startup Repair options is used to automatically fix problems that are preventing Windows Vista from starting.

    System Restore to restore Windows Vista setting to an earlier point in time.

    Windows Complete PC Restore to restore Windows Vista from a full system backup.

    Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool could be the first Microsoft memory tester toolkit that bundled with Windows setup media.

    Command Prompt is the target option of this Vista hacking guide. Click on this option now.
  3. In the Vista Command Prompt, type mmc.exe and press ENTER key to bring up the Microsoft Management Console.
  4. Click on the File menu, select Add / Remove Snap-in option, locate and select the Local Users and Groups on the left panel, and click Add button to add it to the right panel.
  5. Now, the Choose Target Machine dialog box pop up. Keep the default setting by clicking the Finish button – that means using the Local Users and Groups snap-in to manage this local computer, and not another computer in network.
  6. Click OK button and return to MMC windows. Under the Root Console in left panel, double-click Local Users and Group that was added earlier. Click on User folder, locate and right-click the target Vista logon account that found in the right panel.

Guess you should know what to do now. Select the Set Password from the right-click menu to set a new password / reset old password.

I thin this is enough how to hacking windows vista logon find more article about windows here.
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Anonim mengatakan...

One reason why this will not work with home premium, when you try to add the users and groups snap-in, it pops up and says that it cannot add the snap-in, go to the Users admin panel in the control panel.

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