Step by step Easy Hacking Windows Account

You can log on to windows account altought it protect by password by follow this step to hacking windows account..

There is a far better way to get into Windows XP. It is easy and it does not need software. Hack into a computer running Windows XP and find out all and any passwords on the machine (including admin accounts). You do not need access to any accounts to do this. Of course, do not do this on anyone elses computer without proper authorisation.

First of all you runnig to start menu and hit run, type cmd. or you run to start menu-All programs-acessories-Command prompt.

when command prompt opens please type "net user" and hit enter.

and it will seem like this

Next, type "net user (username of account to be hacked)" and hit enter. example
c:\Documents and Settings\anca>net user anca and it will seem like this

finally type "net user (username of account to be hacked) *". It should look like this at the very bottom i.e.
c:\Documents and Settings\anca>net user anca *

Above it, should be lots of text about the account you are accessing. From the example i put above just hit enter and it will say "Type a password for this user" Simply type the password that you desire and hit enter. Close the Command prompt window and log off. Log on to the account that you hacked by typing in the new pass and have fun!
P.s. I am looking into whether or not this will work on a group network like a school server if it does, sweet, anyone is free to test but i have no idea, you could get in deep shit.

lets try and I believe you'll success good luck.... :)

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3 komentar to “Step by step Easy Hacking Windows Account”
mezzaluna mengatakan...

good information!!

Thanks a lot!!!

nice 2 meet u,

easyblogtrick - GAMPANG KOK!!!

zeya mengatakan...

i like this type of logic

Arun Anoop M MTech IT mengatakan...

I know this one.


An user cant change this...

Bcoz if anyone write net user cmd "access denied" msg will come.

If the administrator open his a/ chance he went outside without lock his PC we can change his password using command prompt.

But an user cant do this.
I am sure.

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